Month: August 2012

SXSW or bust!

The Humor Code‘s friend, Alf Lamont (@alflamont), has put together a potential panel for SXSW. I am on it, and here is my shameless attempt to get you to “pick” it. Here’s the rub: You ONLY HAVE UNTIL 8/31 to vote. Come on – hook a brother up. Register your pick here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/6663 Panel Name: […]


I am taking a sabbatical from my regular professor gig during the 2012 – 2013 academic year — starting right about now. What a sabbatical is: A leave granted by my employer, which I am eligible for every seven years (assuming I haven’t engaged in moral turpitude). A sabbatical is designed to provide the recipient […]

Want a marketing professor job? Listen to Dan Goldstein.

In just a few days, doctoral students and post-docs who hope to score an assistant professor job in marketing will be flying to Chicago. There they will participate in a round of short interviews in which they present their best research. Where it goes down. Dan Goldstein of Decision Science News has some advice for […]

Peru and a Podcast

As part of my Humor Code project, I am in Peru with a hundred clowns. Yes, clowns. Real clowns. The project is part of Patch Adams’s Gesundheit Institute. We are examining the role that humor plays in healing. Here is an email I got before getting on the plane: We begin Belen Festival 2012 in […]

Adam Cayton-Holland hits the comedy jackpot

As part of our global expedition exploring what makes things funny, we’re grilling humorists about the science behind scoring laughs. (This post was previously published at Wired.com.) The Just For Laughs festival in Montrealisn’t just the world’s biggest comedy festival; in the freewheeling world of stand-up, it’s one of the few proven methods left for […]