Want a marketing professor job? Listen to Dan Goldstein.

In just a few days, doctoral students and post-docs who hope to score an assistant professor job in marketing will be flying to Chicago. There they will participate in a round of short interviews in which they present their best research.

Where it goes down.

Dan Goldstein of Decision Science News has some advice for folks in Chicago. Read his full post HERE.

Not to terrify the candidates too much, but here is one of the more notable nuggets from his post:

The interviewers will have looked at your CV for about one minute a couple months ago, and for a few seconds as you walked in the room. They will never have read your entire cover letter, and they will have forgotten most of what they did read. They could care less about your advisor and will get offended that you didn’t cite their advisor. They’ll pay attention to everything they’re supposed to ignore and assume nothing except what you repeat five times. Flouting 50 years of research in judgment and decision-making, they’ll attach a small weight to your CV and fly you out based on your interview.


Good luck!