An open letter to my students: Write it or regret it.

Dear Students, In my previous letter, I expressed my concern about your phone habits and urged you to put down your (damn) phone and pick up a book and read – a lot. This letter asks you to do something even more difficult: put down your damn phone and pick

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An open letter to my students: Read books, please.

Dear Students, I am concerned about you. We live in a time of unprecedented access to information and entertainment through our smartphones. You have been raised in a digital playground where endless high-quality entertainment is a click away, 24 hours a day. Despite the convenience, it is making you worse

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Pro- or Anti-Valentine’s Day?

Subscribe I was recently quoted in a  New York Times article exploring the increasing demand for anti-Valentine’s Day activities. The author, Isabella Kwai, highlights how the holiday, while still focused on romantic relationships, has expanded to be more inclusive of non-traditional relationships and single people. However, some singles and non-romantics

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Rethinking Valentine’s Day Promotions: IKEA’s Missed Opportunity

Subscribe Valentine’s Day, which traditionally celebrates romantic love, stands as a cultural hallmark that celebrates romantic love in its most traditional sense. Historically, businesses seize the day to target couples with promotions and products. Yet, as societal norms evolve and the number of single adults rise globally, there is an

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The Morning of a Book Launch

About fifteen years ago, I began a daily ritual: wake early, walk to a coffee shop, write. I became a writer. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am more of a talker than a writer. At the start of the process 25 minutes of writing (à la the Pomodoro

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Guest Post: I Love You, Man

A popular Solo episode is a two-part series, “I Love You, Man,” where I have a conversation about male friendship and love. Craig Wynne, the author of How to be a Happy Bachelor and a Solo Love Letter contributor to my new book, wrote about the 2009 movie I Love

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Truth Or Truth With Iris Schneider

  Peter McGraw plays “Truth or Truth” with return guest Iris Schneider. Prepare for some thought-provoking ideas from Iris. Want to discuss what you heard? Join the Solo community: https://petermcgraw.org/solo/. — Listen to Episode #180 here   Truth Or Truth With Iris Schneider Welcome back, Irish Schneider. Thank you. I’m

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Solo Meets Solo Powered

  Today’s episode is a special treat as our host Dr. McGraw meets Ariana Dunne on her new podcast, Solo Powered. In this captivating episode, Ariana and Dr. McGraw discuss their passion for solo living and share stories from their own lives. Ariana’s Solo Powered podcast embraces everything from solo

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Podcast - I'm Not Joking

Curtain Call

  Welcome to the final episode of I’M NOT JOKING. Comedian JD Lopez returns from Episode 1 to debrief and reflect on Peter’s experience building

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