Building a Remarkable Life of Your Own

Join the movement that celebrates single living. In a world built for two, Solos break the rules and hold space for every type of individual—single and not. Backed by scientific insights and McGraw’s experience as a lifelong bachelor, Solo offers a blueprint for cultivating fulfilling relationships and creating a rich remarkable life. Solo is your invitation to pursue a remarkable life uniquely your own.

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Building a Remarkable Life of Your Own

By Peter McGraw

Table of Contents

Breaking the Rules in a World Built for Two

1. Human domestication

2. A world built for two

3. Some day

4. A world built for you

5. Single to Solo

6. Just may

7. No way

8. New way

9. Relationship design

10. Model for a remarkable life

11. Foundation

12. Flourish

13. The case for solitude

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