Month: October 2022

How To Read A Lot

How To Read A Lot SOLO 143 | Reading Books

  Peter McGraw likes to say, “Create more than you consume.” However, he also believes that reading is a cheat code to a remarkable life. In this episode, McGraw invites two voracious readers, Sarah Stinson and Paul Shirley, to inspire you and give you some hacks to read more. Note: In this episode, McGraw references […]

Truth Or Truth With Jill Cohen

Truth Or Truth With Jill Cohen SOLO 142 | Single Living

  Peter McGraw invites Jill Cohen, a remarkable solo and frequent contributor to the podcast, back into the Solo Studio. They play “Truth or Truth,” where they ask each¬†other questions about single living and pursuing a remarkable life. — Listen to Episode #142 here   Truth Or Truth With Jill Cohen In this episode, I […]

Was Prince A Solo?

Was Prince A Solo?

  Peter McGraw invites Brandon Patrick, a comedian and musician, into the solo studio to talk about whether a remarkable character, Prince, was a Solo. Whether or not he was, Prince brought joy to the world through his music. Brandon and Peter discuss his remarkable abilities and how they led him to feel alone in […]


Narcissism SOLO 140 | Narcissism

  Suddenly the world seems to be filled with narcissists, and a bunch of everyday people are diagnosing their exes and bosses as such. What is going on? To explore this topic, Peter McGraw speaks to Anthony Hermann, a psychology professor at Bradley University and co-editor of the book “The Handbook of Trait Narcissism: Key […]