Month: November 2023

Being Single With Cancer

Being Single With Cancer SOLO 192 | Single With Cancer

  Tracy Maxwell, a cancer survivor and author of “Being Single, with Cancer,” joins Peter McGraw in the Solo Studio to talk about the unique physical, emotional, and practical challenges singles face undergoing cancer treatment and how to respond to those challenges. — Listen to Episode #192 here   Being Single With Cancer I’m here […]

Solo Book Club: How To Break Up With Your Phone

Solo Book Club: How To Break Up With Your Phone SOLO 191 | Break Up With Phone

  Peter McGraw invites Christina Martinez and Brandon Patrick back into the Solo Studio for a new book club. They discuss Catherine Price’s book, How to Break Up with Your Phone. It’s a fun, inspiring conversation that may help you live a more remarkable life by spending less time on your phone. — Listen to […]

Speaking the Unspeakable with Meghan Daum

Speaking the Unspeakable with Meghan Daum

  Peter McGraw invites Meghan Daum into the Solo Studio to discuss her work creating a space for women to discuss challenging ideas and personal truths that go against the grain. As part of their conversation, Meghan discusses how women are beginning to speak out about an emerging crises of men and boys–one that is […]


Flirting SOLO 189 | Flirting

  Do you like to flirt? Do you like be flirted with? Peter McGraw speaks to Lucy Meggeson, the host of Spinsterhood Reimagined, about this fun yet challenging endeavor. They discuss what fliting is, why flirting is important, and give some tips to be a better flirt. What do you think? Join the Solo community […]