Month: October 2014

Funny Bizz Conference – NYC

I am speaking about business and humor at the Funny Bizz conference tomorrow.  New York friends, get your tickets here. Some info: In the land of infinite distraction, the one who tickles the funny bone reigns supreme. As business, entertainment, and comedy become ever more intertwined, savvy startups, leading ad agencies, and Fortune 500 firms […]

Trolley problem comedy

Working with a team of researchers at the Moral Research Lab (MoRL), I recently published a paper about how the most popular experimental stimuli in moral psychology has some problems. (See abstract below; The Atlantic also wrote about it.) Before we get started, here is some info about those stimuli, the trolley problem: If you […]

Fashion and Tech

I have a more than passing interest in technology and fashion. (Seriously, I do.) So, when I saw that there was a conference that examined the intersection of the two, I decided to attend. The panels addressed three trends that I have observed in the marketplace: New fabrics and technologies (e.g., jeans made from low […]

Morality and the Marketplace

I am headed to Tulane for a conference about why people behave badly. Enron. Leman. Madoff. We’ve all heard about business scandals costing millions – even billions – of dollars. Bad behavior in the marketplace, however, is not limited to accounting. Whether taking bribes or stealing post-it notes, immoral behavior has a huge effect on […]