Month: June 2021

The Power Of Thrift

The Power Of Thrift SOLO 85 Anita Dhake | Power Of Thrift

  Being single provides optionality (i.e., “having the right but not the obligation to take action.”) Peter McGraw speaks to Anita Dhake (aka the Thriftygal) to examine how money can buy you freedom. Anita retired early and presents ways to lower your expenses in order to gain financial freedom. They talk “F-you” money, her admiration of Judge Judy, the questions she asks before making […]

Solo Travel

Solo Travel SOLO 83 | Solo Travel

  Welcome to the final episode of Peter McGraw’s series on solitude. He invites two solo travelers – one part-time and one full-time – to a live podcast taping for his Solo club on Clubhouse. Topics include their experiences traveling alone, how they meet people on the road, and how they walk a city alone […]

The Only Child

The Only Child SOLO 82 | Only Child

   For the penultimate episode of a six-part series on solitude, Peter McGraw speaks to Susan Newman, an expert who has written the book about being an only child. They are joined by Julie Nirvelli, a regular contributor to Solo who happens to be an only child and the mom of an only child. They […]