Month: August 2014

Using the benign violation theory to make funny videos

Lisa Lacy at ClickZ recently wrote an article about making humorous videos. In it, Caleb Hanson of Rapt Media says he finds the benign violation theory to be a useful model: Humor is a potentially powerful weapon in a brand’s arsenal, but they must be savvy when they wield it in video form. That means […]

Stop watching football

Training camp has open, and you have likely been inundated with media reports about preseason games, injuries, and teams with championship aspirations. Though, you are likely seeing more reports than I am – because I have stopped caring about football. I first wrote about this topic a couple years ago, when I did a cost-benefit […]

RIP Robin Williams

Quick post. The world has lost a great comedian. Robin Williams is the latest in a line of comedians (e.g., Pryor, Belushi) who died too young. His death raises a question about comedy that comes up again and again: Do comedians have a dark side? Joel Warner and I wrote about the issue in The […]