Month: January 2014

Why are Super Bowl Ads So Violent? (repost)

With the Super Bowl and its humorous ads approaching, I have reposted this blog. NOTE: it is a little out of date – the original publication date was in 2011. The original title: Which is more violent? A) The Super Bowl or B) Super Bowl ads? The Super Bowl featured numerous injuries, but not all […]

How do people justify doing unethical things at work?

When I was visiting the University of Melbourne on sabbatical, I asked Adam Barsky, how people justify doing something unethical at work. His answer (based on his research): Read more about it in his recent paper: Barsky A. (2011) “Investigating the Effects of Moral Disengagement and Participation on Unethical Work Behavior” Journal of Business Ethics, […]

Another fact about laughter: Laughing while alone

I recently wrote about how laughter can indicate one of two things: a situation that seems wrong is okay or a situation that seems okay is actually wrong. If laughter signals these two situations, you would expect it to occur mainly in the presence of other people, and it does. (Learn more about the benign […]

Guest post: Still have a lot to learn

A (great) guest post¬† from Spencer M. Ross (@srossmktg). Actually, it is a repost from his blog. Happy New Year and enjoy! —————————————————————————————- One of the people I follow on Twitter is Peter McGraw, consumer psychologist at University of Colorado-Boulder. Aside from some witty tweets and hashtag games on humor (as is one of his […]