Month: June 2022


Aromanticism SOLO 126 | Attraction

  What is aromanticism, and what is it like to be an aromantic? Peter McGraw speaks to Jessalyn Dean to answer those questions. — Listen to Episode #126 here   Aromanticism During the Solo Salon in Lisbon, I had a chance to meet an online friend with who I have been connected since the early […]

Here We Are, Traveling Solo To The Mind Under Matter Campout Festival

Here We Are, Traveling Solo To The Mind Under Matter Campout Festival SOLO 125 | Traveling Solo

  The regular listener of the podcast knows Shane Mauss—a comedian, science communicator, and expert of psychedelics. He has a new project called Mind Under Matter, a comedy, and philosophy podcast, with the talented Ramin Nazer. Shane and Ramin are planning their first Mind Under Matter Campout Festival, which will feature comedy, music, live podcasts, art, talks, […]

How To Save Money

How To Save Money SOLO 124 | Saving Money

  Having financial freedom is important to solos given their often-single status. Amy Gibb, aka Money Amy, returns to talk about tactics to help you save money – something especially important given recent economic events. — Listen to Episode #124 here   How To Save Money In this episode, Amy Gibb, AKA Money Amy, returns […]


Regret SOLO 123 | Understanding Regret

  A remarkable life demands decisions – sometimes big, bold decisions. Big or small, decisions risk regret. Do I get married? Do I have kids? Do I go solo? Peter McGraw invites Marcel Zeelenberg, the world’s expert on regret, to talk about what makes a choice regrettable. — Listen to Episode #123 here   Regret […]

Solo Cooking

Solo Cooking SOLO 122 | Cooking Alone

  More than one in four households in the US have one occupant, a number is as high as one in two in Stockholm. That’s a lot of cooking being done…alone. Hence, Peter McGraw is pleased to deliver this fun, even inspirational episode on solo cooking. — Listen to Episode #122 here   Solo Cooking […]