Month: November 2012

Things don’t go viral (except for viruses)

You have heard the stories about viral videos that receive millions of views. One part of those stories, however, is not true. Things don’t go viral the way that viruses that do. .…………………………..Not the way it happens Academics, business people, and the man on the street commonly believe that interesting information will spread like a […]

Is it immoral to watch football?

A big week for football. Earlier this season, I wrote about why I stopped caring about football. The post got a lot of positive and negative responses. One of my colleagues argued against my reasons, but he raised another interesting one: The real reason not to watch football is that it is our generation’s boxing. […]

Book recommendations: Behavioral decision theory and emotion research

Inspired by a post on must reads for books on the psychology of choice, here is my list of popular press books related to my research interests in judgment, emotion, and choice: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Danny Kahneman. The most academic book in the group. Also, the most precise. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.  […]

Guest Post by Nick Justicz: Parenthood and Infantile Humor

Nick Justicz wrote a guest blog post for me a few months ago (see Humor and The Pianist). He did such a good job, I invited him to do another. Tell me what you think. Should the invitations continue? ———————————————————————– “That’s like, almost not cool” an onlooker exclaims (with nervous laughter). Indeed, a widely-viewed YouTube […]