Month: January 2024

Solo Episode 200: Book Launch!

Solo Episode 200: Book Launch! Solo – The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life | Julie Nirvelli | Building A Remarkable Life

Peter McGraw’s new book (Solo: Building a Remarkable Life of Your Own) is about to come out. To talk about it and reflect on Solo’s episode, he invites two familiar voices into the Solo Studio to talk about the Solo Movement. Join the conversation at: https://petermcgraw.org/solo — Listen to Episode #200 here   Solo Episode […]

Guest Post: I Love You, Man

A popular Solo episode is a two-part series, “I Love You, Man,” where I have a conversation about male friendship and love. Craig Wynne, the author of How to be a Happy Bachelor and a Solo Love Letter contributor to my new book, wrote about the 2009 movie I Love You, Man.  He generously donated […]

Non-Monogamy With Lisa Dawn Hamilton

Non-Monogamy With Lisa Dawn Hamilton SOLO 198 | Non-Monogamy

  A remarkable life demands decisions – sometimes big, bold decisions. Big or small, decisions risk regret. Do I get married? Do I have kids? Do I go solo? Peter McGraw invites Marcel Zeelenberg, the world’s expert on regret, to talk about what makes a choice regrettable. — Listen to Episode #198 here   Non-Monogamy […]