Month: January 2015

Comedian Shane Mauss invited me on his podcast: Here We Are

And here is…HERE WE ARE 1:20 Friends 5:45 Trolley experiment 13:15 Pedestrian in academia 22:10 Morality of laughter 23:45 Humor Code 28:50 Google for science 33:30 Theory of Funny 36:25 Laughter and/or Humor 40:20 Comedian’s laugh & Reddit 44:25 Controlling laughter 47:20 Laughter in animals 52:40 Benign Violation 56:10 Laughter appreciation 59:25 Science to enhance […]

Meet the Board of Evaluators for my Consumer Behavior Class

Fairness in grading is important. In order to improve the validity of my grading, I have invited members of the Denver/Boulder business community to serve on a “Board of Evaluators” for my consumer behavior class. Later this semester, students will be creating short YouTube presentation on branding. The board will watch the videos and dispense […]

The Humor Code’s Slate series revisited: When is a joke too soon? A scientific inquiry (#2)

In this article, Joel Warner and I discuss when jokes are ‘too soon.’  How long does someone have to wait before making a joke about a sensitive topic? We explain how to find a balance using the benign violation theory. The benign violation theory highlights the role of psychological distance in comedy: Not enough distance, […]

This Semester’s Clashtag: #leedsmktg

My consumer behavior and evening MBA courses (and Lawrence Williams’s advertising class) are going to share a “Clashtag” on the Twitter: #leedsmktg Class + Hashtag = Clashtag. Get it? I asked a former student, Linds Panther (@lindspanther), to write about why business students should be on the Twitter: Guest (re) post by Linds Panther: Why […]