Month: January 2021

We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk

  The Solo series on making remarkable friends continues with today’s episode featuring Ryan Malcolm-Campbell, professionally known as MR. KOA, and Zamour Johnson, known in the world of media as TOPB0Y, two friends who are living remarkable lives. Besides learning about the origins of their monikers, Peter McGraw talks to them about their transition from athletes to […]

Making Friends The Center Of Life

Making Friends The Center Of Life SOLO 63 | Making Friends

  Do you have a friendship that is more important than your romantic relationship? In this episode, Peter McGraw is joined by Rhaina Cohen, a writer and NPR producer, to talk about her emerging work on friendship. They discuss how some people are elevating the status of a friendship to the level of exclusive romantic […]

Nietzsche On Friends

Nietzsche On Friends SOLO 62 | Nietzsche On Friends

  Welcome back to the Solo series on making remarkable friends. In this episode, Peter McGraw and Mary Dahm interview a scholar, Ruth Abbey, who has written about an unlikely expert on friendship: Friedrich Nietzsche. They discuss Ruth’s analysis of Nietzsche’s focus on the value of friends. In short, friends make us better people through […]

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