Month: July 2013

Another year and another chance to listen to Dan Goldstein’s job market advice.

Reposted from last year. Doctoral students and post-docs who hope to score an assistant professor job in marketing will soon be headed to the AMA’s Summer Educator Conference. There they will participate in a round of short interviews in which they present their best research. Dan Goldstein of Decision Science News has some advice for […]

Three interesting things that I have noticed on Twitter

I like Twitter. I use it (And I will be using it for my consumer behavior course this fall. More on that later). On occasion, I notice something that re-reinforces my belief that Twitter is becoming an increasingly important. Here are three interesting (political) things that I have recently noticed on Twitter: -Israeli defense forces […]

Are people who buy green products selfish?

Bram Van den Bergh, assistant professor at Erasmus University, answers the question: Prius drivers, what do you think? Are you signaling that you care? Are you signaling that you are paid? (Note: electric cars are not actually cheaper at this point). Read more about the paper HERE. Griskevicius, V., Tybur, J. & Van den Bergh, […]

Will a $20 Sandwich get you the Rain Man Suite?

I am going to Vegas with my friend Mark. When we visit Las Vegas we experiment with different ways to get a free upgrade at the hotel (e.g., tweeting at the hotel in advance). I recently came across an article that suggested that we have been going about it wrong: we shouldn’t be trying to […]

Another benign violation: The Success Kid Meme

Occasionally, I come across something that is funny (to me), and I am struck by how it is consistent with the benign violation theory. The latest: Success Kid meme. The benign violation theory proposes that humor occurs when a situation is simultaneously seen as wrong, unsettling or threatening (i.e., a violation) and okay, acceptable or […]