Month: January 2013

The Salad Challenge Debrief

REVISED: Although I will  continue challenging myself to eat a salad a day, I am wrapping up the social media aspect of The Salad Challenge. It can’t last forever. But don’t be sad. If you ask me, The Salad Challenge has been a huge success. I had fun. I ate salad. I made new friends. […]

Why do people like mashups?

Adam Bradley, a friend and author of The Anthology of Rap, Common’s biography and other cool books, answers the question, “Why do people like mashups?” But first, according to Urban Dictionary, the definition of a mashup (in the musical sense): Musical genre. Involves cutting and pasting samples and loops from two or more popular tracks […]

Three ways to create a habit (aka three ways to eat a salad a day)

We are more than a week into the new year. Have you been able to stick with your resolutions? One way to be successful is to create a habit. Here are three ways to make that new habit stick: 1. Make it automatic Work by Peter Gollwitzer highlights the benefit of removing the need to […]

The Salad Challenge

Happy New Year. It’s that time when people redouble their efforts to live a healthier, happier life. In that vein, I have created The Salad Challenge What is The Salad Challenge? I am committing to eat at least one salad a day. I will be report my salad-related activity on TheSaladChallenge.com and beyond (see below). […]