Month: February 2024

Solo Thoughts 13: Every Day Is A Big Day

Solo Thoughts 13: Every Day Is A Big Day SOLO | Big Day Theory

  While many listeners of the Solo podcasts are “No Way” Solos who are not interested in dating (for now or forever), the “Just May” and “New Way” Solos are often navigating the dating apps in search of love or lust. Peter McGraw and Jessalyn Dean talk about best practices for online dating–from figuring out […]

An open letter to my students: Write it or regret it.

Dear Students, In my previous letter, I expressed my concern about your phone habits and urged you to put down your (damn) phone and pick up a book and read – a lot. This letter asks you to do something even more difficult: put down your damn phone and pick up a pen—real or metaphorical—and […]

An open letter to my students: Read books, please.

Dear Students, I am concerned about you. We live in a time of unprecedented access to information and entertainment through our smartphones. You have been raised in a digital playground where endless high-quality entertainment is a click away, 24 hours a day. Despite the convenience, it is making you worse off. I don’t need to […]

Single 101: An Introduction To The Solo Movement

Single 101: An Introduction To The Solo Movement SOLO Lisa Dawn Hamilton | Solo Life

  Peter McGraw recently appeared on Lisa Dawn Hamilton’s podcast, Do We Know Things. A member of the Solo community suggested the episode would be a good primer for people new to the Solo movement. Here is that conversation for new listeners to help bring them up to speed on statistics, definitions, and Peter’s perspectives […]

Pro- or Anti-Valentine’s Day?

Subscribe I was recently quoted in a  New York Times article exploring the increasing demand for anti-Valentine’s Day activities. The author, Isabella Kwai, highlights how the holiday, while still focused on romantic relationships, has expanded to be more inclusive of non-traditional relationships and single people. However, some singles and non-romantics actively shun the holiday, participating […]

A Solo’s Valentine’s Day

A Solo’s Valentine’s Day Solo – The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life | Iris Schneider | Valentine’s Day

  It’s that time of year. To discuss Valentine’s Day, Peter McGraw invites Mary Delia Allen and Iris Schneider back on the Solo podcast. They have a wide-ranging conversation that includes the history of Valentine’s Day and alternative approaches to the day. What do you think? Join the Solo community and share your opinion: https://petermcgraw.org/solo […]