Month: August 2022

Rewards And Risks Of Sex: STIs

Rewards And Risks Of Sex: STIs SOLO 135 | The Singles’ Capital

  There are many ways to live remarkably. One way is to have more positive emotions daily; when done well, sex creates many positive emotions. Because sexually-active singles have more sexual partners than partnered people, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are of greater concern for singles. Fear, misinformation, and stigma keep some singles from experiencing the […]

How To Tidy Up

How To Tidy Up SOLO 133 | How To Tidy Up

  Peter McGraw loves to tidy up. He invites Suzette Smith, a professional organizer with ten years of experience, into the studio to discuss Marie Kondo, motivations to tidy, and best practices and pitfalls. Suzette is the owner of White Space and is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and […]

The Bachelor In Colonial America And Beyond

The Bachelor In Colonial America And Beyond SOLO 132 | Bachelor In Colonial America

  As part of the podcast, Peter McGraw has been pointing out his concerns about a subset of single men around the world. In this episode, he invites John McCurdy, a Professor of History at Eastern Michigan University, to discuss the role of bachelorhood in Colonial America (and beyond) through the lens of McCurdy’s 2009 […]

The Game Of Life

The Game Of Life

  Peter McGraw is not afraid to invite his friends into the studio. This week’s episode features two new voices to the podcast: Sarah Stinson and Lawrence Williams. They play a famous game – The Game of Life – and do some editorializing about how this ubiquitous game socializes youngsters to pursue the American Dream. […]