Month: September 2013

Sabbatical report: Part 1

Before I started my sabbatical (which has ended), I made a list of the things that I hoped to accomplish. Did I succeed or fail? 1. Finish working the Humor Code, which is due to publisher on December 31, 2012.  Success. The book available for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere. Look for it on April […]

Repost: Three reasons why I stopped caring about football

Reposting something I wrote last year during last the Bronco’s season opener: It may sound crazy to some of you, but I recently made the choice to stop caring about football. The seeds were planted many years ago when I skipped a Super Bowl (the Packers were playing, I think.) The three reasons why I […]

Which is the most sinful country?

Simon Laham, lecturer at the University of Melbourne and author of the Science of Sin, answers the question: Which is the most sinful country? Simon’s project is really fun, but it has challenges. If you want to measure the frequency of sins, then you need to find a proxy for that sin. That is not […]