Every day is a big day – The Big Day Theory

Every day I get up and I say, “It’s a big day!” Oftentimes, I tweet it.


If asked why, my response is always, “Every day is a big day.”

Three reasons why every day is a big day:

1) Life can be short.

Both of my parents died young (54 and 69; here is a post about my mom’s recent passing). And here I am at age 43. Best case, my life is about half over. I have too many things that I want to do with my life to waste time on  non-big days.

2) Life can change quickly.

You don’t what is around the corner. You think you have it good and you have all the time for the things that you want to do, but the recent events here in Boulder highlight how things can change quickly (for the worse). Treating every day like a big day avoids regret. [Addendum: here is what happened at my house. Thankfully, it was not so bad.]


3) Life should have some urgency.

This is not a gimmick. I believe it. You have heard this message before (e.g., Carpe diem and all that), and it still holds true – even if Robin Williams is not saying it.

Do others support the Big Day Theory (though, technically, it is not a theory)?

Yes. I have shared the Big Day Theory with a few friends and loved ones. They like it and use it.


I like what Darwyn Metzger has to say about it:

The magic behind “Today’s a big day” (TABD) is that it creates an expectation for greatness out of a vacuum of mundane communications.

TABD is especially powerful over text message where we often initiate conversations out of need or agenda.  Imagine being awakened by a text early in the morning from your mother. Before you even read it, you might find yourself imagining all of the terrible subjects that the text is almost certainly going to dump into your lap… But when you read “Today’s a big day” you are hit with an immediate sense of relief, of optimism & immensely positive curiosity.

Consistently for every ten TABDs I send, I get seven responses of “Why is today a big day?” (to which the proper reply is “because everyday is a big day), three of “that is great news!” and I am yet to receive a single “No it isn’t…”

This reinforces something that I have believed since I was a boy…  We all inherently want to believe that today is big, we just forget to expect it.”

Well said, Darwyn. Thank you.