Month: October 2013

Why are haunted houses funny?

Have you been to a haunted house recently? There are two kinds of comedy associated with haunted houses: You observe people being scared and then laughing about it. You laugh at people’s reactions to being scared. Both seem to be happening here. Check out more here. Alf Lamont, a friend and supporter of the Humor […]

A new benign violation: The funny camera angle

Why are these funny camera angles funny? A funny camera angle is funny when it creates a benign violation. The benign violation theory proposes that humor occurs when a situation is simultaneously seen as wrong, unsettling or threatening (i.e., a violation) and okay, acceptable or safe (i.e., benign). A survey of the photos above reveal […]


In case you missed it, the Twitter hashtag, #AddaWordRuinaMovie, blew up on Saturday. A simple, fun concept. I jumped right in with: Lawrence Fishburn of Arabia Back to the Future Tense Dog Day Afternoon Tea The Graduate School La Dolce Curriculum Vita The Shawshank Redemption Center Kramer vs. Cosmo Kramer Schindler’s Listserve Eternal Sunshine of […]

Association for Consumer Research Conference

Quick post. I am headed to Chicago for the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference. The mission of the Association for Consumer Research is to advance consumer research and facilitate the exchange of scholarly information among members of academia, industry, and government worldwide. Basically, a bunch of nerds get together and talk about the problems […]