Month: October 2012

Who is funnier: Democrats or Republicans?

With Joel Warner (This post was previously published at Wired.com). However you slice and dice the presidential candidates’ performances at the three debates, there’s little question that Barack Obama won on the comedy front. Before the second debate was even over, an internet meme had sprung up around challenger Mitt Romney’s clumsy claim that he’d […]

Meet the world’s first publicly-traded person.

I recently attended the 10 Conference, and I met Mike Merrill, the world’s first publicly traded person. I asked him about what it means to be publicly traded:   The book, The Wisdom of Crowds, presents an overview of the research that shows how groups of people out perform an individual (even a lone expert) […]


Help me make my blog better. As I mentioned recently, I am on a year-long sabbatical. In the spirit of change, I am looking to you to help me think of new ideas to address in the blog.  What would you like me to address? I will listen to any ideas. Just keep them loosely […]

When guns are fun (and how to survive a zombie apocalypse)

I am not a gun person. Nonetheless, I was recently invited to a Colorado ranch to do some target shooting. With an arsenal (no exaggeration) laid out before me, I selected a “street sweeper” shotgun and started shooting ceramic targets. And I was good. Scary good. I also enjoyed myself, which got me puzzling over […]