Month: May 2013

A professor walks into a MOOC…

(With Joel Warner. This post has appeared on the Humor Code’s Huffington Post and Psychology Today blogs.) Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are garnering lots of attention these days. Some see large-scale, web-based classes as the new frontier for colleges and universities, a great leap forward that could revolutionize higher education. Duke University professor […]

Humor in Retail

I am at the Wharton School for a conference on emotions and retailing  (see below). I have written and spoken about the ways that humor is important. In short, humor enhances your well-being because it is pleasurable, smoothes social interactions, and enhances coping. This visit, however, got me thinking about ways that humor is important […]

My Boulder Startup Week Talk: Change through Comedy

Boulder Startup Week is back. Each May, we throw a 5-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. No registration required. You’ll find meetups, coffee shop pow-wows, the largest Ignite in the world, parties, drinks, food, hikes, bike rides, sun, and good people. I am giving a talk, Change through Comedy, on Thursday 5/16 at […]

What is the difference between guilt and shame?

During my recent trip to Erasmus University in the Netherlands, I asked marketing professor Ilona de Hooge what is the difference between guilt and shame: In a recent blog post about guilty pleasures, I suggested that you can figure out what songs you feel guilty about by your attempts to hide your (bad) behavior from […]

Join me for a chat about what makes things funny

Dan Ariely is offering a Behavioral Economics MOOC. As part of the emotions lesson, I present a guest lecture on how the benign violation theory explains what makes things funny. Pretend that you are taking the class and join the Google chat on Friday, May 3rd at 5:00 PM Eastern (3:00 Mountain). Keep this a […]