Month: January 2012

Q: Are men funnier than women? A: Not really.

Original post can be found on the Humor Code’s Huffington Post Blog. Celebrated polemicist Christopher Hitchens, who passed away last month, never lacked targets for his writerly ire: Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gore Vidal — even Mother Teresa was not immune. But in a polarizing 2007 Vanity Fair essay, Hitchens outdid himself, taking aim at […]

Off to Scandinavia, to explore the dark side of humor

With winter weather in full force, it’s a great time of year to get away to an exotic locale, and that’s exactly what we’re up to here at the Humor Code. So where are we destined? Some sun-dappled countryside? Or maybe a tropical oasis complete with white-sand beaches and swaying palm trees? Far from it. […]

Behavioral Decision Research in Management Conference (is coming to Boulder)

One of my tasks during my winter break (aside from research) is to plan a decision making conference that is coming to Boulder (June 27-29, 2012). Here is some information about it: The Behavioral Decision Research in Management Conference (BDRM) is held biennially and brings together the best of behavioral research within, but not limited […]