Month: November 2020

Meet The Honjoks

Meet The Honjoks SOLO 55 | Honjok

  This episode is related to the recent series on Singles in the Marketplace. Peter McGraw speaks to a journalist – Ann Babe – about a group of Korean singles, Honjoks, who are rebelling against the strong cultural norms in South Korea to marry and have children. Besides going solo, this group is also opting out […]

Welcome to the Gala

Welcome to the Gala

  This week’s episode features a remarkable single, Gala Darling. Gala is a “for now” single who is unapologetic about how she lives her life (so get ready for some F-bombs). A speaker, author, and coach, she helps women live their best lives through radical self-love. — Listen to Episode #54 here   Welcome to […]

Best Innovations For Singles

Best Innovations For Singles SOLO 53 | Innovations For Singles

  Welcome to the last episode of a three-episode series that examines Singles in the Marketplace. Peter McGraw invites Shane Mauss to talk about the best innovations for singles. No spoilers here, but you will see a theme emerge where the innovation they discuss are related to freedom, mobility, and an escape from the family unit. […]