Month: December 2011

Guest post by Joel Warner: Do We Have What It Takes to Be “Professional Laughers”?

It’s 7 am, we’re struggling with jetlag from flying into LAX the night before and we’re in the wilds of Burbank, California, about to audition for the world’s only team of professional laughers. We’ve come to Los Angeles to explore the comedy culture that stretches from the film sets to the TV studios to the […]

Warm hand = warm heart?

My colleague, Lawrence Williams, did a fascinating research project, which examines how your physical experiences influences your emotional experiences. I was skeptical when I started hearing about studies like these, but now there are so many examples , that I have come around.   What do you think? ————————————————————————————————— Williams, L.E., & Bargh, J.A. (2008). […]

Exploring the Science (or Lack Thereof) of Standup in Los Angeles

More about my trip to Los Angeles. (Previously posted at Humor Code) Here at the Humor Code world headquarters, we’ve long struggled with the concept of stand-up comedy. Of all the types of humor to study, it’s likely the most obvious, the most discussed, the most written about, the most filmed. Folks far more experienced […]