Month: November 2021

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls SOLO 97 | Golden Girls

  Many happy singles want to create a Golden Girls living situation in their golden years. This episode examines one of the best television shows for singles – and one of the best shows ever. Peter McGraw is joined by guest co-host Jen O’Donnell to talk to Danielle Soto, an expert on the Golden Girls. […]

Singles are Fueling the World’s Biggest Day of eCommerce

Singles are Fueling the World’s Biggest Day of eCommerce By Peter McGraw Subscribe to Single Insights What started as a small celebration of single living at a Chinese university has turned into a global demonstration of the buying power of singles. Partnered people have Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, and families have pretty much […]

Introducing Single Insights: The Science of Solos

Subscribe to Single Insights Organizations are fixated on families—targeting them with products and promotions. By doing so, however, these organizations end up fighting for the same customers. Yet, there is another market—one that is overlooked and undervalued. They are the one hundred and twenty-eight million adults in the United States who are unmarried—nearly 50% of […]