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Waking Up Early With Donald Lichtenstein

Waking Up Early With Donald Lichtenstein SOLO 147 | Waking Up Early

  In this episode, Peter McGraw speaks to Donald Lichtenstein who is thriving personally and professionally. Peter likes to say that singles can sleep in when they want to, but Donnie does the opposite. He gets up absurdly early—because that is what is best for him. It’s a thoughtful conversation in which they discuss how […]

Single During The Holidays

Single During The Holidays SOLO 146 | Single During The Holidays

  Peter McGraw welcomes Kris Marsh, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, to discuss being single during the holidays – specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas. — Listen to Episode #146 here   Single During The Holidays Welcome back, Dr. Kris Marsh. It’s such a pleasure to be with you. I haven’t been here […]

Sex And The City

Sex And The City SOLO 145 | Sex And The City

  The world often treats single living as liminal and less than, but not the hit television show Sex and the City. In this episode of Solo, Peter McGraw invites Mary Dahm into the Solo Studio to discuss the cultural implications of this critically-acclaimed show. They discuss Sex and the City’s importance in creating an […]

Intellectual Humility – Live Podcast

Intellectual Humility – Live Podcast SOLO 144 Jeff | Intellectual Humility

  Peter McGraw recently attended the Mind Under Matter Festival, where he did a live taping about Intellectual Arrogance, Humility, and Timidity with Dr. Jeff Larsen. Dr. Larsen is a Social Professor of Psychology at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. He is an expert on emotions, attitudes, and well-being. — Listen to Episode #144 here   […]

How To Read A Lot

How To Read A Lot SOLO 143 | Reading Books

  Peter McGraw likes to say, “Create more than you consume.” However, he also believes that reading is a cheat code to a remarkable life. In this episode, McGraw invites two voracious readers, Sarah Stinson and Paul Shirley, to inspire you and give you some hacks to read more. Note: In this episode, McGraw references […]

Truth Or Truth With Jill Cohen

Truth Or Truth With Jill Cohen SOLO 142 | Single Living

  Peter McGraw invites Jill Cohen, a remarkable solo and frequent contributor to the podcast, back into the Solo Studio. They play “Truth or Truth,” where they ask each other questions about single living and pursuing a remarkable life. — Listen to Episode #142 here   Truth Or Truth With Jill Cohen In this episode, I […]

Was Prince A Solo?

Was Prince A Solo?

  Peter McGraw invites Brandon Patrick, a comedian and musician, into the solo studio to talk about whether a remarkable character, Prince, was a Solo. Whether or not he was, Prince brought joy to the world through his music. Brandon and Peter discuss his remarkable abilities and how they led him to feel alone in […]


Narcissism SOLO 140 | Narcissism

  Suddenly the world seems to be filled with narcissists, and a bunch of everyday people are diagnosing their exes and bosses as such. What is going on? To explore this topic, Peter McGraw speaks to Anthony Hermann, a psychology professor at Bradley University and co-editor of the book “The Handbook of Trait Narcissism: Key […]

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