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Aromanticism SOLO 126 | Attraction

  What is aromanticism, and what is it like to be an aromantic? Peter McGraw speaks to Jessalyn Dean to answer those questions. — Listen to Episode #126 here   Aromanticism During the Solo Salon in Lisbon, I had a chance to meet an online friend with who I have been connected since the early […]

Here We Are, Traveling Solo To The Mind Under Matter Campout Festival

Here We Are, Traveling Solo To The Mind Under Matter Campout Festival SOLO 125 | Traveling Solo

  The regular listener of the podcast knows Shane Mauss—a comedian, science communicator, and expert of psychedelics. He has a new project called Mind Under Matter, a comedy, and philosophy podcast, with the talented Ramin Nazer. Shane and Ramin are planning their first Mind Under Matter Campout Festival, which will feature comedy, music, live podcasts, art, talks, […]

How To Save Money

How To Save Money SOLO 124 | Saving Money

  Having financial freedom is important to solos given their often-single status. Amy Gibb, aka Money Amy, returns to talk about tactics to help you save money – something especially important given recent economic events. — Listen to Episode #124 here   How To Save Money In this episode, Amy Gibb, AKA Money Amy, returns […]


Regret SOLO 123 | Understanding Regret

  A remarkable life demands decisions – sometimes big, bold decisions. Big or small, decisions risk regret. Do I get married? Do I have kids? Do I go solo? Peter McGraw invites Marcel Zeelenberg, the world’s expert on regret, to talk about what makes a choice regrettable. — Listen to Episode #123 here   Regret […]

Solo Cooking

Solo Cooking SOLO 122 | Cooking Alone

  More than one in four households in the US have one occupant, a number is as high as one in two in Stockholm. That’s a lot of cooking being done…alone. Hence, Peter McGraw is pleased to deliver this fun, even inspirational episode on solo cooking. — Listen to Episode #122 here   Solo Cooking […]

Singles as Exhausted Gift Givers

Singles as Exhausted Gift Givers SOLO 121 | Gift-Giver Singles

  Peter McGraw talks to Kinneret Lahad and Iris Schneider about the substantial costs that singles pay, subsidizing and supporting couples with gifts and attendance at weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers, baptisms, and gender reveal parties. Lahad is the co-author of a paper that investigates single women as exhausted givers and careful complainers—complaining about the asymmetry […]

The Lonely Hunter

The Lonely Hunter

  There are an increasing number of resources for singles–resources that do more than help you get hitched. The best books for singles take a thoughtful, researched-backed approach to understanding the complexities of single living. One of those books, The Lonely Hunter: How Our Search For Love Is Broken, was written by Aimée Lutkin. In […]

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