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Episode 103: Seeking Arrangements

Episode 103: Seeking Arrangements

  Peter McGraw kicks off a short series that further investigates unconventional relationships. In this episode, he invites a sugar baby into the studio to talk about a not-so-new but increasingly popular type of relationship: an arrangement between a “sugar baby” and a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mommy.” The episode is launched without judgment. To […]

New To The Solo Movement?

New To The Solo Movement? SOLO 102 | Solo Movement

  New to the Solo movement? You are not alone. More and more people are becoming aware that marriage is an overprescribed path to a good life. An observation reflected in rapidly changing demographics. One-hundred and twenty-eight million American adults are single, and 25% of Millennials are projected to never marry. Here’s a primer on […]

Episode 101: The Queen Of Meaning – Lisa Lampanelli

Episode 101: The Queen Of Meaning – Lisa Lampanelli SOLO 101 | Queen Of Meaning

  Lisa Lampanelli is a remarkable solo. Now retired from stand-up comedy, Lisa has reinvented herself from being the “Queen of Mean” (famous for roasting celebrities) to the “Queen of Meaning.” Peter McGraw talks to Lisa about her climb up the comedy mountain–from clubs to theaters to Radio City Music hall–and her retirement from stand-up […]

Episode 100: Looking Back And Looking Forward

Episode 100: Looking Back And Looking Forward SOLO 100 | Looking Back And Forward

  Peter McGraw celebrates the 100th episode of Solo by inviting back two friends who joined him on episode 1 and episode 50. They discuss what they have learned from the podcast: 1) Recognizing the promise of non-traditional relationships, 2) How to behave when dating, and 3) Living unapologetically. — Listen to Episode #100 here: […]

An Alternative Dream Home

An Alternative Dream Home SOLO 99 | Alternative Dream Home

  This is the final episode in a three-part series that looks at various forms of shared living. The first featured a fun discussion about the Golden Girls. The second examined alternative forms of housing beyond the typical: apartment, condo, townhouse, and house. Frequent listeners know that Solo’s host Peter McGraw believes that the American Dream […]

Shared Living For Solos

Shared Living For Solos SOLO 98 | Shared Living For Solos

  Following the Golden Girls episode, Peter McGraw continues his investigation into alternative living arrangements for singles. In this episode, he invites Darlene Savoy and Ben Lough to define and discuss shared living options. They discuss some considerations for people contemplating shared living (i.e, the 4C’s: cost, convenience, community, and care; but along the way […]

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls SOLO 97 | Golden Girls

  Many happy singles want to create a Golden Girls living situation in their golden years. This episode examines one of the best television shows for singles – and one of the best shows ever. Peter McGraw is joined by guest co-host Jen O’Donnell to talk to Danielle Soto, an expert on the Golden Girls. […]

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