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Relationship Design

Relationship Design SOLO 175 | Relationship Design

  Peter McGraw welcomes Jessalyn Dean into the Solo Studio to discuss Relationship Design. Peter defines relationship design as the process by which two or more people intentionally engage in co-creating a customized relationship, in which all parties agree on the rules and regularly revisit the agreement, revising as necessary. — Listen to Episode #175 […]

The AI Revolution: ChatGPT And Friends

The AI Revolution: ChatGPT And Friends SOLO 174 | Generative Artificial Intelligence

  Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT and Bard, have burst on the scenes. Peter McGraw brings Jamie Indigo and Rick Ramos (a member of the Solo community; to sign up) into the Solo Studio to talk about the AI revolution. — Listen to Episode #174 here   The AI Revolution: ChatGPT And […]

Beauty and Brains With James Warner

Beauty and Brains With James Warner SOLO 173 | 40th Birthday

  Stephanie McHugh a Denver-based comedian, returns as a guest co-host to join Peter McGraw in conversation with her friend James Warner. James is a remarkable Solo who, for his 40th birthday, participated in a stand-up comedy and bodybuilding competition in the same year. — Listen to Episode #173 here   Beauty and Brains With […]

Supporting Non-Nuclear Families

Supporting Non-Nuclear Families SOLO 172 | Non Nuclear Families

  Peter McGraw speaks to Diana Adams, the founder of the Chosen Family Law Center, Inc. and boutique LGBTQ family law and mediation firm Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC. Both organizations serve primarily same-sex couples and non-nuclear families. Diana’s incredible TED talk “Why US laws must expand beyond the nuclear family” serves as the […]

Enjoy Your Solo

Enjoy Your Solo SOLO 169 | Enjoy Your Solo

  Peter McGraw speaks to Mary Delia Allen about her book Enjoy Your Solo. — Listen to Episode #169 here   Enjoy Your Solo Welcome, Mary Delia Allen. It’s good to be here. We’re going to play Truth or Truth. I am ready. You’re more ready than I am. We’ve prepared questions for each other. […]

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