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Cycling SOLO 107 | Cyclists Friends

  Peter McGraw is joined by two cyclists (and friends) for an impromptu episode on cycling. Bikes are associated with autonomy and adventure–the same ideals that differentiate solos from singles. — Listen to Episode #107 here:  Cycling I’m joined by two cyclists and friends for an impromptu conversation. Julie Nirvelli was born and raised […]

Singles And Their Pets – Live Show

Singles And Their Pets – Live Show SOLO 106 Christina Martinez | Singles And Pets

  This episode ends Peter McGraw’s series on unconventional relationships–with an extension of a previous episode on singles and their pets. This episode was taped live as part of a charity event and comedy show in Denver. Peter is joined by Christie Buchele, one of the comics and a cat owner, and by Christina Martinez, […]

The Prenup – The Solo Show on Fireside

The Solo Show on Fireside seeks to destigmatize single living and celebrate remarkable solos. This week’s Solo Show explores the Prenup A preview of some topics in this show: Marriage as an Economic Transaction Divorce Experiences Equality in Marriages To learn about prenups, listen HERE. Find out about Peter McGraw and Solo on Fireside. Learn […]

FWB: Friends With Benefits

FWB: Friends With Benefits

  Peter McGraw addresses a pervasive but under-discussed type of relationship: Friends with Benefits (FWB; i.e., sexual friendships). His guests are drawn from Colorado’s polyamorous community. Obviously, you don’t need to be polyamorous to enjoy beneficial friendships, yet McGraw invited them to join because they are experienced and comfortable talking about unconventional relationships. His guests […]

Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements

  Peter McGraw kicks off a short series that further investigates unconventional relationships. In this episode, he invites a sugar baby into the studio to talk about a not-so-new but increasingly popular type of relationship: an arrangement between a “sugar baby” and a “sugar daddy” or “sugar mommy.” The episode is launched without judgment. To […]

New To The Solo Movement?

New To The Solo Movement? SOLO 102 | Solo Movement

  New to the Solo movement? You are not alone. More and more people are becoming aware that marriage is an overprescribed path to a good life. An observation reflected in rapidly changing demographics. One-hundred and twenty-eight million American adults are single, and 25% of Millennials are projected to never marry. Here’s a primer on […]

The Queen Of Meaning – Lisa Lampanelli

The Queen Of Meaning – Lisa Lampanelli SOLO 101 | Queen Of Meaning

  Lisa Lampanelli is a remarkable solo. Now retired from stand-up comedy, Lisa has reinvented herself from being the “Queen of Mean” (famous for roasting celebrities) to the “Queen of Meaning.” Peter McGraw talks to Lisa about her climb up the comedy mountain–from clubs to theaters to Radio City Music hall–and her retirement from stand-up […]

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