Month: March 2013

Sleep more. Sleep better.

I just arrived in Australia. After 20+ hours of travel and a seventeen-hour time difference, I have been thinking about the importance of sleep. Bad news: People likely sleep less now than ever before. Good news: The overall quality of people’s sleep is likely better (e.g., air conditioning, more privacy). Sleep is beneficial. And the […]

SXSW: Comedy Tech – How Funny Shapes our Future

The Humor Code is headed to SXSW. Come to our panel, “Comedy Tech: How Funny Shapes our Future,” on Saturday 3/9 at 3:30 PM.  SXSW info.  Facebook invite. Panelists: Alf Lamont, Joel Warner, Heather Knight and me. -We know that comedy and the Internet go hand in hand but is there more to this marriage […]