Month: May 2014

The Serious Value of Humor in Business

Earlier this month, I published an op-ed in the Washington Post’s Leadership column: Did you hear the joke about the CEO? Here is a taste: Humor isn’t part of most mission statements. Organizations are busy with the serious challenges of trying to improve sales, service and innovation. Besides, being funny is risky. No one appreciates […]

Duped at the equator

Joel Warner and I went to Tanzania for the Humor Code project. The intro to the chapter explains what drew us there: Good news greets us in Uganda as we disembark our plane: “Uganda has defeated the outbreak of Ebola,” announces a large placard standing in the airport’s main hall. “Please have a nice stay.” […]

Humor Matters in Colorado

For those of you who missed the Humor Code‘s book launch at Denver’s Tattered Cover, it was recorded.  I am biased (obviously), but it was funny. Seriously, funny.  THE HUMOR CODE TAKES OVER THE TATTERED COVER (LISTEN).  Many thanks to Ryan Warner (left) of Colorado Public Radio for a great interview. If you look closely, […]

The Humor Code takes over the Bridgetown Comedy Festival

Portlandians/Portlanders/People of Portland: Come to the Humor Code’s Bridgetown Comedy Events: 1. On Thursday, 5/8, we are going to be at the world famous Powell’s bookstore. Science vs. comedy! Facebook invite. Powell’s details. 2. On Saturday, 5/9, we are going to appear on Live Wire Radio. Live radio is dangerous.