Month: May 2012

Guest post by Caleb Warren: Who is the Coolest President – and What Makes Him Cool?

Karl Rove’s super pac American Crossroads recently ran an advertisement accusing Obama of being too cool to be President of the United States: Although being cool is often seen as a good thing, the ad suggests that the President should not be cool. Theoretically, I can see why we might not want cool political representatives. […]

The Humor Code takes over the Denver Art Museum

The Humor Code and its pals are taking over the Denver Art Museum for the next big Untitled event, ”LOL,” on Friday, May 25. Among the evening’s activities (which are included as part of the price of DAM’s general admission): –Subject yourself to the Humor Code and the Humor Research Lab (HuRL)’s “Comedy Lab” experiment, […]

Flash post: Talent is not enough

I came across this Split Sider article this morning: There are many talented, successful people on the list (e.g.,Sarah Silverman, Louis CK, Greg Daniels, the guys from “It’s Always Sunny). As I read it, I was remind of how talent is necessary but not sufficient for success in the competitive world of (television) comedy. A […]

Yo, it’s startup week

Boulder has experienced an explosion in (tech) startups.The influx of talent has made for a vibrant atmosphere in town. A host of networking and educational events have also sprung up. Take Boulder Startup Week as an example.   Each May, we throw a 5-day event that showcases the unique startup culture of Boulder. No registration required. […]

Can science conquer comedy?

In case you somehow missed the Tweets and Facebook posts, I recently attended the Bridgetown Comedy Festival (which has been described as summer camp for comedians). As part of my Humor Code project, I was invited to participate in a panel with Pete Holmes, Mary Mack, Myq Kaplan, Jordan Morris, and my Humor Code collaborator, […]