Q: What is the opposite of brainstorming? A: Sh*tstorming

As you know, I have a new book. (Pro-tip: don’t launch a book during a pandemic.) In any case, I gave a talk about it today and presented the concept of shitstorming (or the HR-friendly name “shtickstorming“). What is shitstorming? Here is the passage from Chapter 1 (Reverse it.) that

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Working Remotely or Not, Operate Like an Improv Team

Working Remotely or Not, Operate Like an Improv Team The following is adapted from Shtick to Business. With the pandemic in play, millions of workers all over the world have been suddenly ousted from their normal workplaces. When a team that usually works face to face is forced to rapidly

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(Foolishly) Launching My Book Today

Am I launching my book at the worst possible time? I don’t know, but it is ready to go. Good people, Wishing you the best during these turbulent times. I am trying to live my life as normally as I can during abnormal times. I write this from the desert

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I’m Not Joking – The Podcast

I’ve launched a podcast that looks at the lives of comedians, improvisers, comedy writers, and other funny people from business, science, and the arts. It has been a lot of fun. I am launching five podcasts this week and will follow up with one every Wednesday. This week: JD Lopez:

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Podcast - Solo

Selling to Singles

  Peter McGraw hosts the second episode of a three-episode series that examines Singles in the Marketplace. He talks to Julie Nirvelli about Selling to Singles. They

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