Leeds Business Insights comes to Denver (11/7)

Quick post: Last chance to RSVP for Leeds Business Insights event down in Denver tomorrow night (11/17/2017). Innovative research for real-world impact Leeds Business Insights is a series of speaking and networking engagements featuring today’s groundbreaking research that shapes tomorrow’s workplace. Come engage with your fellow alumni and our world-renowned faculty

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A note from a comedian

I occasionally receive emails from (real) people commenting on the benign violation theory. Sometimes the message is critical. And sometimes complimentary. I received this message from a comedian (who asked to remain anonymous). It’s a thoughtful take connecting the theory to comedy: Dear Dr. McGraw — What interests me most

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Are “K” sounds funny?

      Comedians often believe that words with a “k” sounds makes things funnier. Just google “K sound comedy,” and you will see lots of posts about it. Grammar Girl even dedicated a post to it: The humor potential of the letter ‘k’ has been part of comic lore

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Dads, please keep telling dad jokes (NPR story)

Happy Father’s Day. One of the nice things about doing humor research is that I get to do fun interviews with fancy media outlets, such as NPR. They called this week to talk about dad jokes. FULL ARTICLE. There is a tendency to make fun of dads and their jokes.

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Art of Charm Pod (on Humor)

I was recently interviewed by Jordan Harbinger at the popular Art of Charm podcast. Check out the interview HERE. Or here: Here are a few other recent interviews/articles about humor research:     Science of Us: The Art and Science of Comedic Timing     Ozy: There is a Word

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Which of these talks do you prefer?

I am developing more applied professional talks that translate humor research into actionable takeaways for a business audience. Which of you these two talks would you be more interested in hearing? What’s so Funny about Business: Six Ways that Humor Benefits Your Career. Work does not have to be the

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A conversation about rock, rap, and laughter

I was recently invited by the Center of the American West to join two good friend–Adam Bradley and Shane Mauss–to talk about the interplay of music and humor. Here is the video of the event. And here is the awkward promotional video for the event. You might enjoy the bloopers at

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Podcast - I'm Not Joking

Curtain Call

  Welcome to the final episode of I’M NOT JOKING. Comedian JD Lopez returns from Episode 1 to debrief and reflect on Peter’s experience building

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