How do people justify doing unethical things at work?

When I was visiting the University of Melbourne on sabbatical, I asked Adam Barsky, how people justify doing something unethical at work.

His answer (based on his research):

Read more about it in his recent paper:

Barsky A. (2011) “Investigating the Effects of Moral Disengagement and Participation on Unethical Work Behavior” Journal of Business Ethics, 104, pp.59 – 75.

With massive corruption uncovered in numerous recent corporate scandals, investigating psychological processes underlying unethical behavior among employees has become a critical area of research for organizational scientists. This article seeks to explain why people engage in deceptive and fraudulent activities by focusing on the use of moral-disengagement tactics or rationalizations to justify egregious actions at work. In addition, participation in goal-setting is argued to attenuate the relationship between moral disengagement and unethical behavior. Across two studies, a lab simulation and field survey, a measure of moral disengagement was developed for use with working adults. The hypothesized main and interactive effects of moral disengagement, participation, and unethical behavior were tested and largely confirmed.


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