Peru and a Podcast

As part of my Humor Code project, I am in Peru with a hundred clowns. Yes, clowns. Real clowns. The project is part of Patch Adams’s Gesundheit Institute. We are examining the role that humor plays in healing.

Here is an email I got before getting on the plane:

We begin Belen Festival 2012 in the nexr few days! Due to extreme flooding (33 feet in lower Belen), this year we will not be painting houses. The public health crisis (Dengue fever, leptospirosis, malaria, sever infectious diarrhea) which accompanied  the flooding, we will direct our efforts towards a public health intervention. Clowns will go house to house, street by street in the most severely affected areas of Pueblo Libre, and offer an educational clown performance demonstrating clean water and home hygiene practices.

And yes, I have my own clown nose:


As a bit of shameless self-promotion I wanted to let you know that Joel Warner and I were interviewed by Mary Lynn Rajskub for her Nerdist Podcast.  (Click HERE to listen.)




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