SXSW or bust!

The Humor Code‘s friend, Alf Lamont (@alflamont), has put together a potential panel for SXSW. I am on it, and here is my shameless attempt to get you to “pick” it.

Here’s the rub: You ONLY HAVE UNTIL 8/31 to vote. Come on – hook a brother up. Register your pick here: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/6663

Panel Name: Comedy Tech: How funny stuff shapes our future

Panel Description

We know that Comedy and the internet go hand in hand but is there more to this marriage than meets the eye? Reach beyond cat videos and memes to see how behavioral scientists, comedians, a roboticist and her robot are advancing our understanding of the world by tapping in to your funny bone.

Questions to be Answered

  1. How has technology affected the way comedians perform?
  2. Has technology changed our collective sense of humor?
  3. Is it possible to predict what people will find funny online?
  4. Is technology being affected by our sense of humor?
  5. Can a Robot duplicate a successful comedy routine?

Here is a pretty cool thing: Heather Knight is a panelist. And besides having a cool name, she is involved in a cool project. Check out her TED talk:


Maybe even more cool, she helped build the set for this song:

Don’t make me beg anymore. Register your pick: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/6663