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Paul Shirley

Paul Shirley SOLO 162 | Paul Shirley

  Peter McGraw invites Paul Shirley, a writer, entrepreneur, and retired professional basketball player, into the Solo Studio to discuss Paul’s remarkable life as a basketball player through the lens of his books. “Can I Keep My Jersey?” has blended into Paul’s time in the minor leagues and overseas. Paul learns that if things go […]

Becoming Bisexual

Becoming Bisexual SOLO 161 | Becoming Bisexual

  Peter McGraw invites two friends into the Solo Studio to discuss what appears to be an emerging shift: once heterosexual women embracing their bisexuality. His guests, Rachel and Taylor, discuss their experience becoming bisexual in their thirties, and Peter presents data identifying a shift in the number of people identifying as lesbian, gay, and […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence SOLO 156 | Emotional Intelligence

  In the third installment in a series on the invention of marriage and cooperation, Peter McGraw speaks to Hillary Anger Elfenbein about something that makes cooperation more or less effective: emotional intelligence. — Listen to Episode #156 here   Emotional Intelligence The previous episode examined reasons why humans could uniquely invent marriage. One reason […]

Are You Thriving Or Coping?

Are You Thriving Or Coping? SOLO 160 | Singlehood

  Compared to research on married people, there is little being done to investigate the well-being of single people. Fortunately, Geoff MacDonald, a social psychologist at the University of Toronto has turned his attention to examining singlehood. Peter McGraw is joined by guest co-host Iris Schneider to discuss Geoff’s recent academic paper that investigates predictors of […]

The Social Leap

The Social Leap SOLO 155 | Social Leap

  How can something so complex and far-reaching as marriage could be invented and so widely adopted? To begin to answer that question, Peter McGraw speaks to Bill Von Hippel, the author of The Social Leap: The New Evolutionary Science of Who We Are, Where We Come From, and What Makes Us Happy. — Listen […]

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