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Unmarried Equality

Unmarried Equality SOLO | Gordon Morris | Singles Advocacy

  This episode seeks to explore the singles advocacy movement with Gordon Morris, who is aiming to breathe new life into Unmarried Equality, a nonprofit at the crossroads of the singles’ rights movement. Alongside guest co-host Christina Campbell, a fervent supporter of single living, Peter McGraw explores the roots and future of singles advocacy, from […]

Solo Thoughts 14: Reading, Writing, And Never Surrendering

Solo Thoughts 14: Reading, Writing, And Never Surrendering SOLO | Never Surrender

  Peter McGraw is concerned about his students and has been writing open letters to them. In this Solo Thoughts episode, he reads those letters to you with the hope of getting you to read more books, write more often, and never give up on your dreams. — Listen to Episode #213 here   Solo […]

Aging Single #2: Longevity And Super Aging

Aging Single #2: Longevity And Super Aging The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life | William J. Kole | Longevity

  In the second episode on the series on aging, retiring, and dying single, Peter McGraw talks to William J. Kole (aka Bill Kole), author of “THE BIG 100: The New World of Super-Aging.” Kole shares insights from his extensive research on the phenomenon of people living to 100 and beyond, discussing the implications for […]

A Tribute to Daniel Kahneman: Three Things I Learned from Danny

A tribute to Daniel Kahneman: Three things I learned from Danny. I met Danny in the summer of 1999. He was Daniel Kahneman to me then. I was a PhD student at Ohio State University working with Barbara Mellers. She had known Danny from their time at UC Berkeley. At the time, he was a […]

Dan Savage on the Solo Movement

Dan Savage on the Solo Movement SOLO | Dan Savage| Solo Movement

  Peter McGraw recently appeared on Savage Love. In this episode, Peter continues the conversation with writer, journalist, and activist Dan Savage for a bold, unfiltered discussion of the Solo Movement. Dan, known for his direct approach to discussing sexuality and relationships, provides valuable insights that have been essential to the Solo project. Join us […]

An open letter to my students: Create more. Consume less.

An open letter to my students: Create more. Consume less. Dear Students, In my last letter, I urged you to “never surrender” your hopes, dreams, and desires. This letter continues our (one-way) conversation about the perniciousness of your (damn) phones—and presents a path to a more remarkable life. Never have humans lived in an era so […]

Family Estrangement

Family Estrangement SOLO | Kristina Scharp | Family Estrangement

  In this episode, Peter McGraw invites two guests to tackle the complex and emotionally charged topic of family estrangement, as requested by several members of the Solo community (sign up at https://petermcgraw.org/solo/). To delve into this important subject, Peter is joined by Dr. Kristina Scharp, who brings her research expertise on the topic to […]