Funny Bizz Conference – NYC

I am speaking about business and humor at the Funny Bizz conference tomorrow.  New York friends, get your tickets here.

Some info:

In the land of infinite distraction, the one who tickles the funny bone reigns supreme. As business, entertainment, and comedy become ever more intertwined, savvy startups, leading ad agencies, and Fortune 500 firms alike are turning to humor as the ultimate tool for being memorable amidst the ringtones and vibrations of modern life.

At FunnyBizz, we teach you how to tap into humor’s power. In just one (raucously entertaining) day, our elite roster of speakers will teach you essential principles of comedy, improv and storytelling, workshop those concepts to apply them to you and your business, and generally show you how being funny can make you more successful.

What you will learn:

  • Storytelling techniques for building an authentic brand
  • How to maximize the virality of your content
  • The key role of laughter in building loyal communities
  • How being funny can make people want to work with you and buy from you
  • The recipe for delivering hilarious speeches and consistently funny copy
  • How improv techniques increase productivity, inspire engagement, and encourage a creative corporate culture

More importantly, people a lot funnier than me are going to be there.

Here are three:

Tim Lee: Tim wasn’t supposed to be a comedian. A biologist by training, he graduated magna cum laude from UC San Diego with honors in biology. He went on to complete his PhD at UC Davis. He spent years developing simulation and analytical models of population dynamics before he discovered that this bored him to tears. When he tried comedy for the first time the tears stopped. Lee’s comedy uses scientific phenomena and tools to explain everything from the hair that collects on a bar of soap to how his standards drop rapidly with abstinence.

Chris Lindland: Chris Lindland, CEO of San Francisco-based Betabrand, has built a thriving company by designing clothing around urban trends, humor and stereotypes. Betabrand is home to Web hits like Cordarounds, Executive Hoodies, Bike to Work Pants, Disco Hoodies, Sons of Britches, Sock Insurance, and many, many, many more.

Tim Washer: Tim Washer is a Webby-nominated video producer and corporate humorist. His comedy writing/acting credits include The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, SNL, Comedy Central and The Onion SportsDome. He’s studied improv with Amy Poehler and comedy writing with The Colbert Report’s head writer Tom Purcell and performed with Jim Gaffigan, Emmy winner Margo Martindale and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale.