Which of these talks do you prefer?

I am developing more applied professional talks that translate humor research into actionable takeaways for a business audience.

Which of you these two talks would you be more interested in hearing?

What’s so Funny about Business: Six Ways that Humor Benefits Your Career.

Work does not have to be the opposite of play. Drawing on case studies and cutting-edge behavioral research, Dr. McGraw discusses how you don’t have to be a comedian to use humor to benefit your professional endeavors. Discover the various ways that humor strengthens workplace culture, improves sales and branding, enhances leadership, and fosters innovation and problem solving. You will also learn the common mistakes of using humor in a business setting.

What’s so Funny about Leadership: Fostering Innovation, Managing Crisis, and Inspiring Others

Humor is a powerful and effective tool for leaders. Of course, the world’s best leaders may not be comedians, but they regularly use jokes, witticisms, and amusing anecdotes as tools to inspire, innovate, and live a more enjoyable life. Drawing on case studies and behavioral research, Dr. McGraw discuss how effective leaders use humor to gather feedback, communicate ideas, deflect criticism, foster creativity, lead change, build brands, and strengthen workplace culture.

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