Using consumer behavior to improve your product pitch

I formed a “Board of Evaluators” for the consumer behavior course I teach at the Leeds School of Business. The BOE, as I like to call them, were tasked with evaluating two minute pitches that the students put on YouTube. The class was told that the BOE would be acting as an investor group when evaluating the pitches. Here are the (partial) instructions given to students:

 Identify a company that the group should invest in.

Make your case based on one of the company’s products (not an entire product line.)

Demonstrate your superior understanding of consumer behavior by drawing on 1 to 3 concepts/ideas/theories/lessons from the course.

There were a bunch of other requirements that shouldn’t matter much to you. I told the class that I would publish the best pitch. Well, four stood out from the rest (i.e., “nailed it”). Here they are – in no particular order.

Using consumer behavior to improve your product pitch

Company: Pebble

By Stephen Rodrigues (@S_A_Rodriguez) and Jared Leventhal (@JaredLeventhal)


Company: Chemo Cozy

By Katherine Babinchack (@atKatB)


Company: Justin’s Nut Butter

By Kristen Turner (@turner_kr) and Krysta Zweifel (@krysta_zdub)


Company: Makerbot
By Harken Maguire (@HarkenMaguire) and Keegan Lamar (@keegslamar)

Would you invest?