Will a $20 Sandwich get you the Rain Man Suite?

I am going to Vegas with my friend Mark. When we visit Las Vegas we experiment with different ways to get a free upgrade at the hotel (e.g., tweeting at the hotel in advance). I recently came across an article that suggested that we have been going about it wrong:

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Humor and Well-being

I have been asked to a give a talk at a law and well-being conference today. The title of the talk is: What Makes Things Funny? Implications for Morality, Good Manners and Well-Being A talk like this makes me think about my humor research in new ways. When people consider

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What is the difference between guilt and shame?

During my recent trip to Erasmus University in the Netherlands, I asked marketing professor Ilona de Hooge what is the difference between guilt and shame: In a recent blog post about guilty pleasures, I suggested that you can figure out what songs you feel guilty about by your attempts to

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Is it immoral to watch football?

A big week for football. Earlier this season, I wrote about why I stopped caring about football. The post got a lot of positive and negative responses. One of my colleagues argued against my reasons, but he raised another interesting one: The real reason not to watch football is that

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Guest Post by Nick Justicz: Parenthood and Infantile Humor

Nick Justicz wrote a guest blog post for me a few months ago (see Humor and The Pianist). He did such a good job, I invited him to do another. Tell me what you think. Should the invitations continue? ———————————————————————– “That’s like, almost not cool” an onlooker exclaims (with nervous

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Meet the world’s first publicly-traded person.

I recently attended the 10 Conference, and I met Mike Merrill, the world’s first publicly traded person. I asked him about what it means to be publicly traded:   The book, The Wisdom of Crowds, presents an overview of the research that shows how groups of people out perform an

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Original Mohammad Controversy

The Danish Cartoon Crisis of 2005 and 2006: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Original Mohammad Controversy With Joel Warner (This post was previously published at With thousands taking to the streets in protest after a YouTube video mocked Muhammad, many pundits are comparing the situation to the

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Podcast - I'm Not Joking

Curtain Call

  Welcome to the final episode of I’M NOT JOKING. Comedian JD Lopez returns from Episode 1 to debrief and reflect on Peter’s experience building

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