The Salad Challenge

Happy New Year. It’s that time when people redouble their efforts to live a healthier, happier life. In that vein, I have created The Salad Challenge

What is The Salad Challenge?

I am committing to eat at least one salad a day. I will be report my salad-related activity on TheSaladChallenge.com and beyond (see below).

Why a salad every day?

Salad is good for you, duh. My Humor Code travels are finished (and the book manuscript is in!). And while I turn my attention to other things, I want to get healthier.  One way to do that is to eat more raw vegetables. You know how important that is, but I don’t seem to do it enough.

What should you expect?

Salad pictures on TheSaladChallenge.com and The Salad Challenge’s Facebook page.  This may be the most surprising element for those of you who know of know about my ‘Eat it. Don’t tweet it.’ policy.

I will present some of my insights I have along the way. For instance, I am writing a post about how make something a habit. Expect a recipe or two, and some other fun stuff.

Mike Koenig’s salad (yes, that is an egg in there).

What counts as a salad?

One approach is to take the same approach that the Supreme Court does with pornography: You know it when you see it.

I asked my friends on The Facebook. The best answer was from Jennifer Petrillo:  “Um- I’d have to argue it has vegetables as its ‘base.’” A reasonable definition is that a salad needs a raw vegetable base and has at least one other raw vegetable or fruit accompanying it. In that way, tuna salad, pasta salad, and fruit salad do not qualify.

Where can you get more involved in The Salad Challenge?

I am a marketing professor, and I am using this as a mini social media case study, so you will have plenty of ways to get involved.

Go to The Salad Challenge blog.

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Sign The Salad Challenge pledge.

Check out The Salad Challenge Pinterest board. (Work in progress)

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