Behavioral Decision Theorists Descend on Boulder

More nerds are coming to Boulder. The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado is hosting two conferences next week:

1. The Behavioral Decision Research in Management conference (BDRM) brings together the best behavioral researchers. The topics of study are quite varied: Consumer behavior, organizational behavior, negotiation, managerial decision making, behavioral finance, experimental/behavioral economics, decision analysis, behavioral strategy, behavioral operations research, behavioral accounting, medical and legal decision making. (Whew. Long list.)

A couple of talks that I am particularly excited to attend:

– Perceptions of income inequality. By Dan Goldstein (Microsoft & London Business School) and Lionel Page (Queensland University of Technology)

Benefiting from misfortune: When harmless actions are judged to be morally blameworthy. By Yoel Inbar (Tilburg),  David Pizarro (Cornell ), and Fiery Cushman (Harvard )

Special thanks to  and  BDRM’s excellent planning committee for helping me make it happen: Bart de Langhe, Phil Fernbach, Mathew Hayward, Peter Huang, Donnie Lichtenstein, John Lynch, Leaf Van Boven, and Lawrence Williams.

The conferences are being held at the beautiful St. Julien Hotel.

………………..Look for the nerds on the Julien’s patio.

2. Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making (CFDM)

The Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making conducts original scientific research and promotes dialogue among experts from academia, business, and government on the topic of how to help consumers make better financial decisions relating to saving, investing,  housing, health care, funding education, budgeting, and other matters of interest.

A couple more talks that I am particularly excited to attend:

–  Do consumers know how to value annuities? Complexity as a barrier to annuitization. By Jeffrey Brown (University of Illinois and National Bureau of Economic Research) and colleagues.

–  Putting health back into health insurance choice. By Pavel Atanasov  and Tom Baker (University of Pennsylvania)

As I said, here come the nerds.