The Humor Code takes over the Denver Art Museum

The Humor Code and its pals are taking over the Denver Art Museum for the next big Untitled event, ”LOL,” on Friday, May 25.

Among the evening’s activities (which are included as part of the price of DAM’s general admission):

–Subject yourself to the Humor Code and the Humor Research Lab (HuRL)’s “Comedy Lab” experiment, a mock comedy club designed to help identify what makes comedy good (and not so good).

–Take part in a DAM-inspired cartoon-caption contest hosted by none other than Westword cartoonist Kenny Be.
–Participate in nonsensical and irreverent museum tours led by Denver’s top comic team, the Grawlix.

–Watch as comedian Ben Roy grills me and Joel Warner on whether science and comedy really mix.

–Create your own “creature pin,” inspired by Exempla, the newly installed artwork by Brian Knep.

–Enjoy the latest installment of Joan & Charlie Discuss Tonight’s Theme, a freight-elevator performance from the Buntport Theater. Serioulsy, it takes place in the freight elevator.

Come by, have a few drinks, a few more laughs, and do your part to contribute to the science of humor. RSVP for the event on The Facebook.


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