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Optionality SOLO 153 | Optionality

  As the year ends, remarkable singles around the world are considering how to make their lives even more remarkable. To help with that endeavor, Peter McGraw speaks to Richard Meadows, a finance writer and the author of Optionality: How to Survive and Thrive in a Volatile World. They have a far-ranging conversation about Optionality […]

Truth Or Truth With Suzette Smith

Truth Or Truth With Suzette Smith SOLO 151 | SOLO Life

  Peter McGraw hosts a “Truth or Truth” conversation with Suzette Smith, where they ask each other questions about being single and living a remarkable life as a Solo. — Listen to Episode #151 here   Truth Or Truth With Suzette Smith In this episode, I have a discussion with a remarkable solo and contributor […]

Episode 150: Looking Forward, Backward, And Inward

Episode 150: Looking Forward, Backward, And Inward SOLO 150 | Looking Forward

  One hundred and fifty episodes and nearly three years into the Solo podcast, Peter McGraw invites Kym Terribile and Julie Nirvelli back into the Solo Studio to talk about the podcast’s progress. They discuss Peter’s successes and weaknesses, as they look backward, forward, and inward regarding the podcast and the solo movement more generally. […]


Hygge SOLO 149 | Hygge

  People are homebodies for a variety of reasons: they are introverted, they have a disability, their hobbies are well-suited for home, or they simply like being indoorsy. As part of his third installment in a series on homebodies, Peter McGraw speaks to Meik Wiking about creating cozy moments—at home or elsewhere—through the Danish concept […]

Happier At Home With Gretchen Rubin

Happier At Home With Gretchen Rubin SOLO 148 | Happy Home

  In his second installment of a series on homebodies, Peter McGraw talks to Gretchen Rubin – the magpie of happiness – about creating a better home base. They discuss her book Happier at Home, and she dishes out some helpful, non-intuitive ideas about creating a more welcoming home for yourself and others. — Listen […]

Waking Up Early With Donnie

Waking Up Early With Donnie SOLO 147 | Waking Up Early

  In this episode, Peter McGraw speaks to Donald Lichtenstein who is thriving personally and professionally. Peter likes to say that singles can sleep in when they want to, but Donnie does the opposite. He gets up absurdly early—because that is what is best for him. It’s a thoughtful conversation in which they discuss how […]

Single During The Holidays

Single During The Holidays SOLO 146 | Single During The Holidays

  Peter McGraw welcomes Kris Marsh, a Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, to discuss being single during the holidays – specifically Thanksgiving and Christmas. — Listen to Episode #146 here   Single During The Holidays Welcome back, Dr. Kris Marsh. It’s such a pleasure to be with you. I haven’t been here […]

Sex And The City

Sex And The City SOLO 145 | Sex And The City

  The world often treats single living as liminal and less than, but not the hit television show Sex and the City. In this episode of Solo, Peter McGraw invites Mary Dahm into the Solo Studio to discuss the cultural implications of this critically-acclaimed show. They discuss Sex and the City’s importance in creating an […]

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