Can science conquer comedy?

In case you somehow missed the Tweets and Facebook posts, I recently attended the Bridgetown Comedy Festival (which has been described as summer camp for comedians). As part of my Humor Code project, I was invited to participate in a panel with Pete Holmes, Mary Mack, Myq Kaplan, Jordan Morris, and my Humor Code collaborator, Joel Warner.

From left to right: me, Joel Warner, Pete Holmes, Myq Kaplan, Mary Mack & Jordan Morris. Photo: Jaqi Furback

From the beginning the notion that science can explain comedy was under attack. Pete Holmes quipped, “You’re letting light into a room that I like very dark.” Nonetheless, we had lots of laughs and an enjoyable discussion of the the Mad Men experiment and my glimpse into the New Yorker Cartoon Contest.


You can listen to the panel at Wired.com, Huffington Post, or here:

The slideshow:


Finally, if you want better articulated thoughts about why it is important to use science to understand humor, check out our writings at Psychology Today here and here. article or this one.


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