In case you missed it, the Twitter hashtag, #AddaWordRuinaMovie, blew up on Saturday. A simple, fun concept. I jumped right in with:

Lawrence Fishburn of Arabia

Back to the Future Tense

Dog Day Afternoon Tea

The Graduate School

La Dolce Curriculum Vita

The Shawshank Redemption Center

Kramer vs. Cosmo Kramer

Schindler’s Listserve

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mindshaft

At the time, I was hanging out with Dan Goldstein (@dggoldst). He suggested an excellent strategy. Start with a serious movie and then figure out the word that will ruin the movie while also making it funny. Using the strategy, he came up with this gem:


Dan’s strategy is evident in my most popular tweet (ever):


What is your best #AddaWordRuinaMovie tweet? Let me know at: @PeterMcGraw